Bridge of Spies

Carol Decker recently shared this video on her Facebook page, and it gives me all sorts of emotions.

First of all R.I.P “Our Price” it’s been twelve years since the last branch closed its doors, and it still hurts.

More importantly though, this was the ad aired to promote T’Pau’s monster debut album “Bridge of Spies” back in 1988.

By the time this ad aired, in late January 1988, the album was 5 months old and had already been certified Platinum in the U.K., but the album’s 3rd single release “Valentine” would make it a hat-trick of Top 10’s and prove that the “Bridge of Spies” juggernaut was going to continue to dominate the U.K. Charts well into 1988.

And now, 29 years later we get to do rediscover that classic album that was embraced by both serious music fans and the children of the S/A/W revolution alike.

The deluxe double CD re-issue is coming to Amazon next week and it’s packed full of goodies. As well as the original album we’re being treated to rare b-sides, remixes and the obligatory expanded booklet – all for £10.46 – even “Our Price” (R.I.P) couldn’t beat that for value.

#Memory – My copy of “Bridge of Spies” had a lot of the lyrics printed wrong. A very serious situation back in the day.

Click here To order the deluxe expanded edition of “Bridge of Spies” ( hopefully with the correct lyrics)

Click Here To listen to my interview with Carol Decker.

Click here To visit the official T’pau website.


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