Pete Burns

The onslaught of celebrity deaths continues unabated, it’s like my childhood is disappearing before my eyes.

Pete Burns is the latest victim in what has been a cruel year. The Dead or Alive frontman died two days ago following a ‘massive cardiac arrest’ at the age of just 57.

Pete Burns always struck me as a somewhat reluctant pop star. A unique artist who, quite unexpectedly, and somewhat unwillingly found himself gracing the cover of Smash Hits.

His breakthrough hit; You Spin Me Round needs no introduction. It’s a bona-fide iconic song of mammoth proportions. I was one of the millions of “teeny boppers” who spent my pocket money on the 7″. I was undoubtedly not his target audience, but even as a pre-teen I knew a great song when I heard one. 

His album “Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know” sat alongside Debbie Gibson in my alphabetically organised collection of vinyl. He would have been horrified no doubt,  but whether he liked it or not, his music appealed to the masses, his image excited everyone from the University Student to the pre-teen Wham! fan (me). He blurred the tribal lines of musical loyalty and whether he was on TOTP in the 80s or Celebrity Big Brother in the new millennium he dared to express himself, he dared to let his art shine though, he was his own person from start to finish, and he simply didn’t give a s*** whether we approved or not.

When I remember Pete Burns I will remember a time when music was exciting. When pop stars cared more about self expression than corporate sponsorship. And when not being part of the status quo was something to be celebrated.

Rest in Peace Pete. Thank you for sharing your magic with us. It was wonderful. 

#Memory “And I think about what might have been, if I never met that wicked queen” 


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