10 80s School Memories

They told us, repeatedly that they were the best days of our lives. It didn’t feel like it then, but in hindsight it wasn’t so bad.

What do you remember from your schools days?

1. Assembly 

We sat on the floor. We sang hymns. We giggled when the boys in 6th class got shouted at in front of the whole school.

2 P.E.

Gym, Games or P.E depending on where you went to school. Climbing the rope was a weekly ritual of humiliation.

3. Pencil Cases

The more compartments the better. And don’t get me started on that geometry set that was ALWAYS included and never used. Not once.

4. Watching a Video.

The best gift a teacher could give. Even sweeter if you had forgotten to do your homework for the next lesson so you could copy your BFF’s while pretending to watch the 20 year old documentary about elephants.

5. The OverHead Projector.

“Can’t see it Miss, it’s not in focus”

“Then move down the front” –


It always took 2 boys to carry it into the classroom  and we’d all secretly hope they’d drop it. Y’know, for the laugh.

6. School Ties

The shorter your tie, the cooler you were. Fact.
7. Short Skirts

See above.

8. Tricolore French Books

Remember Vincent who lived in La Rochelle. Remember saying your dad was a doctor in your oral exam because you didn’t have to remember his real job, you just had to say ‘doctor’ in a French accent.

9. Passing Notes.

Or rather passing notes with very simple questions on them, you didn’t even have to reply, just tick the relevant box. And the shame when the teacher intercepted your note and read it out loud to the class!!!

10. The School Bell

When the school bell was an actual  bell, and how important did you feel when you were anointed with the task of calling an end to lunch by ringing it?
Share your school memories in the comments.



  1. My kids still have;
    1. assembly whilst sitting on the floor,
    2. PE with apparatus etc.
    3. My daughter loves her pencil case with compartments. (They stills do then).
    7. Of course older
    girls still wear their skirts short!
    10. My kids school still uses a bell for break.

    Liked by 1 person

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