5 Shocking Things You Could Do In The 80’s

1 Leave  Kids Alone In The Car.

Your mother would have to pop into the bank/grocers/betting shop and couldn’t be arsed to take you. She’d pull up right next to the NO PARKING sign, promising to be 3 minutes MAX and return 45 minutes later.

Were parents careless in the 80s? Or is it just that they weren’t paranoid? 

2. Buy Cigarettes For Your Mum

Asking for 20 Benson & Hedges before you’re even able to see over the counter was not unusual. The standard response from the shopkeeper was

“They’re not for you are they?” 

The more responsible shopkeeper would require an actual note from your mother- the effort these 80s housewives had to go through to get a bit of nicotine was staggering.

3. Lean on Parked Cars

You’d come out of the shop with your mammy and find the cool kids leaning / sitting on the bonnet of the car. Chatting, eating, maybe even smoking. Not people you knew, complete strangers. When you got into the car they’d simply move to the next car.
No piercing alarms would shatter the sound-barrier if a car was sat on without permission. No one would worry about the odd scratch. No one thought about  the possible damage done to the suspension. 

When did we get so precious about our cars, or are we just more respectful of other people’s property today? 

4. Tell Off Other People’s Kids

Children of the 80’s had the eyes of the neighbourhood on them as they got into mischief. If you were doing something you shouldn’t be and got caught by any adult then there was hell to pay. 

If you trampled over Mrs. Wilson’s flower bed whilst retrieving your football you’d get it in the neck from her and your mother-because she always told your mother.

There was no way our parents would side with the children. Even if it wasn’t your fault, if Mrs. Wilson felt she had cause to shout at you, then your mother would back her up. 

Would you shout at someone else’s child today? 

5. Watch Unsuitable Films If You’re With An Adult.

I saw the Aliens in the cinema when I was 9. My dad was taking a few of the neighbourhood kids to see Care Bears– it was sold out. The only other film showing was Aliens so my dad, knowing that going to the cinema was a rare treat that we couldn’t possibly miss brought about 10 kids into Aliens instead. 

The same things happened with The Silence of The Lambs. I was all about Jodie Foster in the early 90s , so my dad took me and my 12 year old brother to see the 18 rated film. I remember the cinema manager tell my dad it “wasn’t a nice film” but if my dad was fine with it then so was he.

Parental discretion is no more. Was my dad irresponsible or do we no longer allow parents to make the decision? 

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  1. Very true very cool 😎 let’s not forget the madness of thatcher and the Big Bang 💥 for the greedy Bankers !! 😉


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