10 reasons ‘Grease 2’ is better than Grease

Yes it was a flop. Yes Maxwell Caulfield claims it destroyed his career. Yes it probably did destroy Maxwell Caulfield’s career. But Grease 2 has developed into a cult classic. I don’t know why the word cult has to be in there because to me it has always been a blockbuster of epic proportions. I don’t remember the first time I saw it, but I’m pretty sure it was on a rented BETAMAX. 

Of course  I loved the original (I’m not a monster) but the 1982 sequel brought an edge to the short lived franchise , and was somehow just so much cooler.

From Stephanie Zanone refusing to settle, to Frenchie having to repeat a year (because she dropped  out of beauty school-remember?) there were life lessons galore.

More than 30 years later the film and soundtrack remain one of my favourites. Because…

1. Michelle Pfeiffer

Stephanie Zinone was everything. She oozed cool. Even dressed as a giant Christmas tree she had a sass and attitude that even Rizzo from the original couldn’t match.
She kissed who she wanted, when she wanted. She chewed her gum like a boss. She couldn’t eat a hamburger without ketchup. 

2. Cool Rider

“Well I’m looking for a dream on a mean machine with hell in his eyes”

Cool Rider was so much better than anything Sandy or Danny et al had to offer. I still can’t see a step ladder without getting the urge to climb it in a reversible Pink Ladies jacket whilst demanding the man of my dreams makes himself known immediately- in song obv.

3. The Talent Show

My school talent shows were never like this. The sets, the choreography, the talent. The nearest I ever got to starring in such a spectacle was performing a fairly crap dance routine in the extended Christmas assembly at school. All I ever wanted (besides a reversible Pink Ladies jacket) was to stand on that stage while Stephanie was having her out of body experience.
4. Michelle Pfeiffer

5. The Luau

I grew up in Ireland. I had not the slightest idea of what a Luau was. I still don’t. But I knew that leaving school was a much bigger deal in America. While our school leavers got a special mention in assembly, Americans got funfairs, special costumes, even a freakin pool with a boat made of bamboo. 

As soon as I find out what a Luau is I plan on having one myself. #BucketList

6. Michelle Pfeiffer 

She’s free everyday. It’s in the constitution.

7. The Euphemism’s

Yes, Reproduction (the song, in case you’ve never seen it) was blatant, but also educational. But at some point between 1982 and 1995 I realised that Let’s Do It For Our Country was not about joining the army and Score Tonight was not about bowling. I don’t think I want to know what a Luau is actually all about. 
8. Michelle Pfeiffer 

She ain’t no ones trophy.

9. The Other Dimension

Michael dies y’all. He goes to biker heaven. He’s dead. Stephanie has an out of body experience whilst performing at the talent show (which meant her verse of Girl For All Seasons was cut-bitterly disappointing) and visits him in biker heaven. Then, plot twist . He’s not dead, he made the jump. I mean come on, Sandy and Danny’s trials and tribulations seem positively childish in comparison.
10. The Pledge

“The Pink Ladies Pledge is to look cool, to act cool and to be cool”

It’s simple, effective and invaluable advice  that has stood the test of time. It remains my mantra to this day. 

Here’s a bonus picture of Michelle Pfeiffer.

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