The Fizz

The Fizz, ever heard of them? I assure you they are 80s legends of the highest pedigree. 7 UK top 10 hits, 3 Number One’s and owners of the most iconic moment in Eurovision history.

The Fizz are, of course,  Bucks Fizz. Three of the original line up have been forced to change their name because the girlfriend of the remaining original member owns the rights to the name BUCKS FIZZ. A saga that is as complicated as it is scandalous. The result is that if you book tickets today to a BUCKS FIZZ show you’re getting original member Bobby G. and three randoms. If you want to see Cheryl, Mike and Jay you have to book to see a group not called BUCKS FIZZ . And somewhere in there, somehow David Van Day from Dollar is / was going by the name BUCKS FIZZ . Exhausting. 

So here we are. Cheryl, Mike and Jay are now called The Fizz and despite having spent a large part of the year touring they have found time to bestow upon on us the most magical Christmas present this side of my Madonna 1987 calendar. 

They have teamed up with Mike Stock to deliver a Christmas re-working of their 4 million selling Number 1 smash Land of Make Believe. This is on top of a brand spanking new long player coming in 2017. 

Mike Stock needs no introduction (I hope) but it must be noted that he’s been on a bit of a roll lately, not least for writing and producing 2015’s best slice of pop heaven in the form of This Love by Nikki French. If you haven’t heard it , press play ⬇️

You’re welcome.

The partnership of THE (BUCKS) FIZZ and Mike Stock has lead me to seriously question my 80’s credentials. Why didnt I think of this before? Why did no-one force this into being in 1988 when S/A/W were on the ascent and BUCKS FIZZ were being unfairly consigned to the dumper? It would have been pure pop magic.

Alas, we’ve had to wait until 2016 to see the results of what is sure to be the most exciting release from an 80s artist 2017 has to offer.

So let’s raise a glass to a match made in heaven. To the return of cherished friends. To the future of The Fizz.

To order  your copy of The Land of Make Believe 2016 Click me baby

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I interviewed Jay Aston of The Fizz last year. Have a listen below.

I’ve also interviewed Mike Stock twice. Twice.


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