The Jets

Who remembers THE JETS? A Minnesota band consisting of 36 brothers and sisters (ok, maybe not 36, but there were a lot of them)


While their time at the top was all too brief, The Jets managed to cement their legacy in 80s pop culture with a string of pop classics. Their signature song CRUSH ON YOU has endured the decades, and been remixed into a club hit more than once since 1986 (Aaron Carter also covered it in 1997 but thats something I’m sure even he would rather forget)

While THE JETS were marketed as a wholesome band of clean-cut siblings, three decades later it is emerging that the the family that sings, dances and plays together, doesn’t necessarily always stay together.

In 2016 5 members of the original line-up posted on their Facebook page that “Due to continued disagreement with management…it is with heavy heart that we announce the disbanding of the original members of The Jets”

The remaining three original members, with the support of their parents, are suing various members of the family (including the two original lead singers) in an effort to stop anyone but themselves performing, recording and trading as THE JETS. The nostalgia market affords a nice living to many a forgotten popstar, so there are big bucks at stake.

In a nutshell, like many an 80s band, THE JETS have gone through various line-up changes. 3 of the original members are claiming ownership of the name THE JETS and preventing the remaining 5 original members using the name THE JETS. It’s Bucks Fizz part 2, made worse by the fact that its tearing a family apart.

In addition to this, a petition has been set up by JET sister Maliana Tupou online to try and stop the release of a documentary on the band. Maliana calls her older brothers (who are behind the documentary) “bullies” before adding ” fans should not be deceived by a film that promotes a family making their dream come true when in reality it’s become a nightmare

You can find Maliana’s petition here




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